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Versuri Killing Time

See that long line of people who keep standing in the rain Lookin' tired, gettin' cold And that signal light they're waiting for, don't ever seem to chang Killing time, ain't it slow. Watch them bending with the burden of the pennies that they save Marking time, growin' old Slowly marching by the numbers to the freedom of the grave Killing time, ain't it slow That's the closest thing to living that they're ever gonna know And their good times ain't no better than their bad 'Cause they think they need a signal light to tell them they can go Killing time, ain't it sad. Don't feel sorry for those people who keep standing in the rain They don't mind, they don't know 'Cause it never crossed their minds they got a reason to complain Killing time, ain't it slow. They're not haunted by the visions that they never dared to see And they'll never miss the dreams they've never had They're condemned to go on living in a penitentiary For killing time, ain't it sad. muzica straina mp3 Kris Kristofferson versuri cuvinte cuvinte. Album mp3 descarca versuri album versurile cuvinte Killing Time versurile melodiei

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