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Versuri Julianne

I met this girl she looked like Axl Rose Got drunk and took her home and we slept in our clothes and in the morning put my feet on the floor and thought being awake never felt like this before and Julianne you[demo:I] know she wouldn't approve talked all day on the phone 'cause I had nothing to do Got rid of Axl by the afternoon Being awake never felt so clear and blue CHORUS That's all I knew guess that I was innocent too I'll sing a song yeah and it won't be the blues 'cause I don't miss Julianne my friend she told me she felt sorry for me she said the truth would come crashing down on me that I'd be sorry, but the truth of it is that I feel guilty for not giving a shit CHORUS I got a bag of trash I got my bag of trash I walk it up and down and drag it up and down the road. How could she miss a man who drags a bag of trash down the road? [demo:don't know what she saw, what she ever saw in me aw hell no I can play this fucking piano!] This week I feel like I've been born again I know that Julianne she would have a fit she'd find a reason for the things that I did and give me credit for the things that I never been ohh, that's all I knew guess that I was innocent too [demo:ohh, that's what I am say I'm not a sensitive man] yeah I can try just as hard as I can and I don't miss Julianne ah ooh that's all I do guess that I was innocent too yeah I can try just as hard as I can but I don't miss Julianne CHORUS

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