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What I've kept with me and what I've thrown away don't know where the hell I've ended up on this glary, random day Were the things I really cared about just left along the way for being to pent up and proud woke up way too late feeling hung over and old and the sun was shining bright and I walked barefoot down the road started thinking about my old man it seems that all men wanna get into a car and go anywhere CHORUS here I stand - sad and free I can't cry and I can't see what I've done God. . .what have I done don't you know I'm numb, man no I can't feel a thing at all 'cause it's all smiles and business these days and I'm indifferent to the loss I've faith that there's a soul somewhere who's leading me around I wonder if she knows which way is down. . . [on demo:which way is up and which is down. . .] CHORUS I poured my heart out I poured my heart out it evaporated. . .see? Blind man on a canyon's edge of a panoramic scene or maybe I'm a kite that's flying high and random dangling a string Or slumped over in a vacant room head on a stranger's knee I'm sure back home they think I've lost my mind. CHORUS

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