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Versuri Regrets

i thought about sitting on the floor in second grade i couldn't keep the pace i thought i was the only one moving in slow motion while the other kids knew something i did not but if i acted like a clown i thought it'd get me through, it did but that don't work no more you're not a kid no more i thought i'd do some travelling never did regrets, regrets i thought about the hours wasted watching t.v., drinking beer i thought about the things i thought about until immobilized with fear and all the great ideas i had and how we just made fun of those who had the guts to try and fail and then i ended up in jail regrets, regrets ... but just for a day seems the police had made a computer mistake said there must be thousands like me with the same name anyway, i thought about the things i settled for or never tried i never visited my grandma even once when she was sick before she died so i don't blame you if you never come to see me here again regrets, regrets...

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