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Once upon a dusty reservation Somewhere in the land of Sitting Bull Johnny Lobo played with fire and dreamed of open spaces Locked inside a heaven gone to hell All the dreams were gone but not forgotten Murdered like the holy buffalo But Johnny Lobo knew the rules and grew into a warrior Fighting for his people and his soul Chorus: Oh...... Johnny Lobo Oh...... Johnny Lobo Loaded down with lessons that he carried Home from Viet Nam to Wounded Knee Johnny Lobo burned a flag he knew had been dishonored Paid the price for thinking he was free Someone set his house on fire, burned it to the ground With his wife and children locked inside Later when the bitter tears were falling to the ashes Something good in Johnny Lobo died Chorus: Oh...... Johnny Lobo Oh...... Johnny Lobo In a darkened corner of a tavern Burning down old memories again Johnny Lobo stares into the smoke and dream of clouds Running like wild horses with the wind Holy Phoenix rising from the ashes Into the circle of the sun Johnny Lobo's warrior heart was burnished in the embers And the battle's just begun Chorus: Oh...... Johnny Lobo Oh...... Johnny Lobo

Melodia mp3 versuri versuri asculta mp3 album. Johnny Lobo piesa Kris Kristofferson muzica straina asculta ultima melodie.

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