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Versuri I Could Sleep (The Wuss Song)

It's okay that you forget. It's alright that you don't wanna remember. In your hands you've got a martyr's head, in your mind, I know that's what you wish you were. Turn my blue sky black, you're such a hard luck baby. Yeah. That's what's the matter with you. But I could sleep through this. I ain't as mystified as I am in it. If that's your ride, well then you oughta get it. It's just as if I wasn't dreaming. It's all the same, 'cause I still wake up screaming. Turn my blue sky black... You're a pilgrim in the boxcar. You can never look back too far. You can't even look back. Turn my blue... I could sleep through anything. Letters To Cleo melodia muzica straina versuri. Cuvinte melodiei melodia cuvintele I Could Sleep (The Wuss Song) asculta cuvinte versuri.

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