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When I need a place to get away, When I need a place to hide, That place just seems oh so far away, Couldn't get there if I tried. Me and a young girl chasing mosquitoes, Rolling down them grassy hills. Put up a sign that said No Vacancy, Forget the world let time stand still I take a train sister, a bus a brooking down Cheavy, or a plane. Iรข€™d walk my sister just to see you there, Just to see you again. If I could think back and see this thing clearly, If I could just remember when. Of all the things I hold so dear to me, I miss the people we were then. And it seems that you were always there. Like no one else you stood by me. When you picked me up and cleaned me off, Saw what not one else could see.

Versuri muzica album Sister versuri. cuvintele versurile muzica straina descarca muzica descarca cantece album cuvintele Letters To Cleo.

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