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As far as I can see. Walking, walking, walking, away from me. And for all I know. Demeanor gives it all away. Talking, talking, right over me. And for all I know. Loosing it, getting older. Stay the same yet older. You don't get it like I do I heard that, yeah that's what you said. Loosing it getting older. Please take me far away. I donât know what to do. I don't know where to go anymore best you just walk on by. Feeling strange these days it true, creeping up from behind but letâs just not jump off the bridge. Best you just walk on by. Loosing it, itâs gotten cold outside. Iâm heading back you know I said goodnight. You donât get it like I do I heard that yeah thatâs what you said losing it getting older. Itâll find meâ¦

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