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Versuri How Men Are

Words and music by Roddy Frame vocals & guitars RODDY FRAME. keyboards & programming DAVID FRANK. drums DAVE WECKI. bass MARCUS MILLER. background vocals ROBIN CLARK, GORDON GRODY, and LANI GROVES. produced by TOMMY LI PUMA and DAVID FRANK. engineered by ERIC CALVI. It's called love And every cruelty will cloud it And his lie True love could never allow it 'Cos it's a lie that we have ceased to believe We've said goodbye but it won't take its leave Why should it take the tears of a woman To see how men are Perspective It's no mystery What you don't know always gets you It will hurt you and desert you So you'd better see That it's a damage ever done by degrees And some will take eternity to believe Why should it take the tears of a woman To see how men are 'Cos love is a giving with no need of return It lends itself to everything And maybe one day man will see That love is a lesson money never taught us to learn Love is the power to act Without the premise that there's nothing for free And sometimes when we're just getting by and getting along It's like we're scared to see that something is wrong Why should it take the tears of a woman To see how men are

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