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Now I got you looking stiff you numbskull, you're at a stand still Still faking that you're hard with your rhymes and got no hand skills so I'll easily drop you and stop you from rhyming Send you home to moms all bruised up and crying Then if you want you can go call your people You're gonna need a mob against me cause I'm lethal Not that I'm a violent brother to the contrary My vocals carry, and then I bury MC's in holes that they dug for themselves Couldn't be themselves so they sold themselves to a company exec who doesn't have respect for real rap music so he wants to get an MC that starts out street to crossover but not me, cause I'm the hardcore composer You ain't a writer nor a fighter you're just a biter I think you need to save all that because in spite of the reputation that you think you have the crew already knows that you're really a crab So I'll grab the mic with haste and send you out of this place and back to trace my flow but don't waste your time bro It only takes a minute a second for me to switch and rearrange real quick cause I can kick plenty styles Rhymes stretch many miles I'm the authentic yes the lyric unloader The truth exposer, the hardcore composer All you delirious curious suckers you better act like you've been known I mack and hold my own with a mike just to stagger a bragger, retire a lair and very easily I'm pass by ya cause you didn't want to give the credit where it was due, yeah it was you, uh huh it was you and your crummy corny ass crew So we shall enforce that you lost and plus you oughta find another type of life and yes another source of income And here's some advice you can't rap this nice I broke ya over and over I told ya I would mold ya why? Because I'm bound to give original sound and as your ears pound bringing pleasure and pain as brains start to gain from musical measures Forming mystical questions never typical inventions Developed by my Gifted Unlimited mind Suckers wanna rhyme cause they're eager to find the secret behind the way that I stomp all comp Just like a Timberland it's the Guru and Premier It's them again droppin the fly tracks and taking things over and never selling out cause I'm the hardcore composer

Hardcore Composer muzica straina ultima melodie cantece versuri melodiei mp3 piesa. Melodiei Gang Starr versuri piesa muzica album.

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