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Versuri Handcuffs For Houdini

MacMichael Don't talk about commitment don't talk about it here don't talk about the russians don't mention your fears don't talk about the black man don't talk about the rope it only causes problems we got plenty of those, i said don't talk about it, don't talk... sing a song of sixpence a packet full of lies don't dare to love your children just let the baby cry but when the pie was opened they'd forgotten how to sing there was larry, moe and curly joe and martin luther king.... (don't talk about it) like handcuffs for houdini this whole thing is a con you know what's gonna happen but you don't know how it's done somebody he once told me that the key was in his mouth like handcuffs and houdini it looks so simple but you just can't work it out don't talk about it, don't talk... album Cutting Crew asculta. Cantece versuri versuri cuvinte muzica cuvinte piesa versurile Handcuffs For Houdini cuvinte asculta muzica straina.

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