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Eede/Townsend Believe me when I say to you That every word is true That a change is going to come You can hear it in the broadcast on your radio Why are you running, was it something that somebody said? What are you hiding from, are the voices alone in your head? I can make it look natural 'cos the more that you see It's the less that you know, it's the more that you give Believe me when they call for you As you cry out in the night These four suspicious riders have been circling the borders of your bungalow But how they ever got to you I swear I'll never know Was it just the laws of nature that's been causing all the voices on your telephone? Why are you running... Believe me and I'll pray for you (we'll give you what you wanted) With all my fickle heart I could sell you hallelujahs recorded on a chrome cassette in stereo So come and make your home with me It really isn't far Fly down to California and become a Christian soldier on My late, late show Why are you running...

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