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Farley Like a blind man takes pictures we pretended we could see but it took all of our money and it took you and me there's a space in between us but it's not inside my head you can feel it all around you welcome to the wedge 'cos it's black and it's white but invisible so don't sign your name it'll take all your trust if you let it but never the blame feel the wedge you can look in its face but you can't see its eyes from a dark and vicious circle we were trying to break out so sick and tired of second guessing dancing to the steps of doubt the changes were blowing do you remember the hurricane? but when big john took his final swin we knew that nothing stayed the same with a whambamagram it started the saddest of days don't dare to ask was it worth it i'm too broke to say feel the wedge... i could take all the bullshit but never the lies over turns to under truth becomes a maybe six and five will still be ten i'ts black and white and it's not here tonight it could be my friend feel the wedge i have looked in its face but you can't see it's eyes

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