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Source: Janis ( [Intro] Now see you being cool too fast I didn't say light that up that quick, shit Vapors, here ya go, uh 1 - Green Grass vapors running through my head I'm feeling higher than the Thunder Dome Green grass vapors Green grass vapors Green grass vapors, come on 2 - Creepin' on me late at night, hey Sets me free just to hold it tight, yeah Slender feel, I do love it so, oh Shapes the way that my rhythm flows Repeat 1 Bloody red is what my daddy said When he looked at my eyes at night, yeah What we gon' do, you said go Cuz your eyes are as red as mine Told my daddy, hey Repeat 1 Repeat 1 Repeat 2 Repeat 1 until fade Green grass vapors piesa versurile. Cuvinte Angie Stone muzica straina descarca melodia asculta versuri cuvintele muzica versuri.

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