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Source: Janis ( 1 - Visions of you in my mind Haven't thought about it for a long long time Why you tryin' to creep back into my life Now that I'm over you Now you want me to be down For lovin' you a second time Ain't no way cuz I'm doin' just fine Now that I'm over you There you go givin' me that same old vibe You got that something something, baby You know you rub me the right way But we've been down this road You took me for a ride You left me stranded but I got over it And got on with my life Repeat 1 Why should I let you back in my life Cuz you'll only hurt me, hurt me baby And I don't deserve to be treated that way So I tell you what, what I'm gonna do I'm gonna get the hell out of here I'm not coming back to you, oh Repeat 1 So whatcha gonna do? Cuz I'm not coming back to you, babe Whatcha gon' do? Cuz I'm not comin' back Whatcha gonna do? Cuz I'm not coming back to you, no Whatcha gon' do? Cuz I'm not comin' back Repeat 1 until fade

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