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A few kisses ago, you loved me Took your pocket knife, carved our names on a tree My heart skips a beat to whatever you say What have I done to make you push me away You are my focus, you're the air that I breathe Can't imagine you with someone else other than me You don't kiss me no more, and I need your energy Tell me where will I fly to if you set me free 1 - Stars fell like snowflakes on my head Now there's emptiness in my bed I still believe all the things you said Though I can see the flowers are dead But terrible lies and emptiness fills my soul You were so warm, now you feel so cold The last time we kissed, your eyes were open Is this just a phase, I'm praying and hoping (You) Failed me, I gave you the key To the entry in my heart, you became part of me Told you everything, I shared all my secrets with you And the words you fed my soul, I pray to God that you [Repeat 1] Trampled on my heart, threw away the key Since you went away, all I see I can't even eat, I don't wanna sleep But I see you in my dreams I pray that you come back cuz I need you here You can kiss away all my tears Hold me in your arms, whisper in my ear That will take away my fears [Repeat 1] Sleeping I called you to fill your song Make you feel like it's snowing in the summertime, oh

Angie Stone album cuvinte descarca versuri album descarca descarca. Muzica descarca cuvinte descarca versuri muzica straina melodiei Snowflakes.

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