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[Guru] Here's the jam I slam to make it known that I diagram, write out my own rap Cast the line, watch me shine, I'll assign you to do this, you can review this convention that comes from, combining sums from equations or phrases, cause I begun some exploratory digging, I'm thinking big and I'm taking all your words, cause your site is blurred and you're selfish, and rather immature I've always felt this, that's why I'm giving more I am sure, that you find that I'm the Guru With this particular style I'm running to you I gotch u Keen is my site, and keen is my brain I campaign to gain my domain and vocalizing techniques, emcees are deadbeats and drop to the ground then, I stomp em down with sound I'm a pacifist, but they won't last with this dope beat combined with lyrical energy You can rewind this, play this again and see just how I kick the, rhymes that hit ya snug in your mug, while I depict a scene that is hype and, I'm title swipin If you're loungin, I'll take the mic and show you how it goes in, I'll leave you frozen I gotch u I live my life with adventure, because I went for the road seldom run, cause it was meant for me to hold the spot here, your rhymes are not clear Focus, on the way that I wrote this I'm crafty, so how you gonna outlast me? With your bogus crap, you're gonna have to note this while I rap, and then I quiz you like a teacher Give a speech to you while I impeach the ones with the crowns and, my voice resounds and take it from me, then you will see, I got the G The Keith double-E, I got the know how And I will show how the hip-hop will grow now I gotch u I got nothin to fear, nothin to hide Bein conquered with the micraphone, I take you for a ride and slide glide to the hoop and scoop you like Clyde, Drexler, your girl I wanna get next to Hold up I gotta flex to the stage, then engage to do the knowledge, then backstage is where I'm headed Don't sweat it, sit down clown and just let it be Set it free, get it see I got G, cetainly, and I gotch u I gotch u Once again, we got the GangStarr out in total effilzneck I got my man DJ Premier... peace... cuvintele piesa ultima melodie Gotch U muzica straina ultima melodie melodiei. Asculta album cuvintele cantece versuri cuvinte Gang Starr melodia versuri.

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