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Dig for victory, go for gold I don't wanna die before I get old And I wonder where I'm going to There's some way out, there's some way through But I'm lost, I'm lost, I'm down again My direction is changing, which way, Which way can I go... Get up and go You start me up, you slow me down No one can deny you get around When you're hot, you're cold, you're in between Asking myself what does it mean? And I walk that tightrope, you should know I'm losing my balance, maybe, Maybe I should go... Get up and go Face to face in sympathy But now you turn your back on me Turn a card and win, but you may lose Fate only has that right to choose If you're right, leave me here, I'll die alone You've got the time, you've just got time You got the time just go... Get up and go Go Just go...

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