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As a child, we played the game Fought the war, but felt no pain Arm to arm, we left the skin THen said the words, remember them Oh, never a moments doubt Oh, feel it, scream it loud Chorus: Anytime that you call Anytime if you fall Anytime I'll be there for you Any moment of fear Anytime say the prayer Swear that our word is true Should I go Should I stay? I won't turn my head away Cross the line, the great divide So kill the silence, where we hide Oh, never a moments doubt Oh, feel it so scream it loud Chorus If clouds fall, stand tall As mountains climb from endless sea Call out, fear not Bring back that memory Chorus muzica Dance piesa ASIA. Mp3 versuri Anytime asculta ultima melodie mp3 versuri melodiei mp3 mp3 muzica romaneasca versurile.

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