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For those that are able To go underground Missiles disenable They hit faster then sound They're coming and you have no choice The helpless with one human voice You will categorically say This underdog will have his day One more dead is one more Then it ought to be A travesty oh oh One more missed will be kissed To eternity Or purgatory oh oh After the war After the war Red button he's pressing But he knows not why He's programming orders War lights up the sky He's on the hotline tonight His mind is high as a kite His fingers decide wrong or right This man has it all in his sights Used as tools to believe In autonomy Minorities are no more Men are fools One last cry to humanity No sanity anymore After the war After the war After the war On my arm a tattoo for my sons to be That numbers you and me There's a scar on my face That is photographed for all to see oh oh After the war..

Cantece melodiei cuvinte After The War asculta. Versuri versurile melodia album melodia Dance melodia muzica romaneasca versuri cuvintele album ASIA.

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