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Versuri Go 2 Sleep

(feat. Infamous 2-0, Lil' Fate, Three-6 Mafia) [Hook 3x] GO TO SLEEP, hoe to sleep, GO TO SLEEP, hoe to sleep IF YOU'RE TIRED BE QUIET AND GO TO SLEEP, hoe to sleep [Ludacris] Maaan, I tell a hoe to go to sleep (go to sleep) They turn around and frown, gotta make 'em six feet deep 'Cause we knock 'em unconscious with that non-sense Read inbetween that fine print, think about lyrical con-tent Then about where your time spent Mess around get your guys hit; a ten HUUUT! I send Three-Six ol' sheeyit, nigga WHAAAT? If ya tired ya tired, if ya snooze ya lose But'chu you won't wrap up ya bandages, or hell you would [Infamous 2-0] Nigga I got shotty's and semi's - I love 'dro and Henne' ? All brown and skinny, but I've fucked up so many I got QP's and halves - if we beefin' I blast You sleepin' I laugh, ask 'Cris, I'm off the rip I had this hoe who talked too much; I had to off the bitch 2-0, Mr. Crayola; niggas know what I mean 'Cause I slang brown, white, yellow, purple and green And all you faggot-muthafuckas gotta know the routine [Hook 4x] [Crunchy Black] Bitch it's me again, kickin' in your fuckin' doors I look for div-idends - I ain't lookin' for you hoes You bitch can't com-prehend; let me put one in your boot Let me put one in your boat, so you ? can go to sleep So, lay down bitch; gimme all that you dreamed for Gimme fancy cars, gimme bling-bling-bling, boi It don't mean a thing, boi, for me that ain't gon' swing, boi Them god damn toys; do you know what I mean, boi? [DJ Paul] Now if you warrin' and runnin' from them Three-Six niggas This forty-five gon' give a reason to sleep, nigga Or bustin' massive 'round some S.K. My last trip to A-T-L I fucked yo' cascade I'm strippin' bitches and I'ma ball fucker with a limp They call me infer-stripper, sexy, red hoe's pimp And quick to sink her on the nigga 'cause this what it's 'bout We rob that trick and stick his dick off in his fuckin' mouth We Memphis niggas [Hook 4x] [Juicy J] North, north, south, south, Westwood, Orange Mouth Nigga we be smokin' life; never shut ya Charlie Brown Memphis niggas in this bitch; pockets full, ya know we bail Hooked up with my nigga 'Cris, then we head to A-T-L Playas wild, throwin' bows, tellin' chickens, Fuck you hoe! Nigga rollin' up the moe, as long that white shit up they nose Mayn this town is like my town, so we stayed and hung around Juicy J be high as fuck; catch me in the lost and found [Lil' Fate] Better use common sense checkin' me out for bitch I can stand for And up, get yaself in this clique Without my tongue licks, behind me gettin' handcuffed by a slut Look, I'm from Gittero what? Southside niggas throw it up when it's time to get buck Niggas in the back of the club postin' up Waitin' for a nigga that's new to make it up Ass in, ain't no askin'; it's no tolerance as long bitch check in She wit' me, comments will only get'chu basically eternally resting So abide by the call of the streets If ya got a bitch better keep her on a leash ? gonna creep in ya home while you gone Have you comin' back findin' nutt on yo' sheets [Hook 4x]

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