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Versuri Screwed up

[Man coughs] [Man talking] Ah yeah, we sending this one out From everybody I mean to everybody from the H-Town to the A-Town To worldwide so get your lighters, get your drink And I tell you what I'm so fucked up, and screwed up If anybody try to blow my high, you know what I'ma tell 'em [Chorus] [(Man) Ludacris] (Fuck you!) Fuck you! (Fuck you!) Fuck you! (Fuck you!) Fuck you! (Fuck you!) Fuck you! (I'm screwed up) [Ludacris] I feel better than I've ever felt before, Ah! Intoxicated but maintaining self-control, Ah! I took a swig, I had a jug, chug-a-log, I'm loud and clear I had some bud, I lit it up, and then I made it disappear 'Cause my magic tricks, are so fabulous This shit's hazardous, got amateurs smoking canibus If you mad at this, damn it then [Chorus] [Lil' Flip] I made a, call to my dog, time to split the blunt and break it up Three-wheel motion, purple potion, I gotta shake it up I tried to kick the habit, but it keep calling me Abracadabra, here's a magic trick, I smoked up all the weed Zig-Zag's and golden wraps got my mind gone Drugs don't affect my work, I still get my grind on [Chorus] [Ludacris] I'm leaning like the Tower of Pisa, the syrup squeezer Come close to my stash, and get treated as if I'm Ebeneezer I'm throwed, blowed, matter-of-fact let's call this the thrower potion I'm screwed up, so no wonder things are in slower motion I gots to have it,can't kick the habit, I've tried to shake it The drug experiment stage if you mistake then [Chorus] [Lil' Flip] I'm from Screwed Up Texas, we drive reckless, and then we peel off You ain't had shit until you smoke Sweet Tooth and Jack Frost Hit it twice but don't cough, you gotta take it man If it's a record for smoking I'm 'bout to break it man Me and Luda puffing budda, we in a black Cougar On Zap Judas, you try to jack us we grab rulers [Chorus] [Ludacris] How can I say it plain? That I'm off that Mary Jane And if it's true what they say Then I don't know how many cells is left in my fucking brain But I'ma keep on writing and lighting Minds of these hungry rappers And tell the hood that I've hired niggers and fired crackers On the Fourth of July, opens your eyes I'm joking stupid I love all races but if you hating my music then [Chorus] [Lil' Flip] I love my occupation, we never have to take a piss test Fuck a 9 to 5 'cause I'm always getting rest I wake to breakfest and head You wake up to breakfast in bed Should I drive my H2? Hmmm? I'ma take the Lexus instead Pimping ain't dead but I'll leave you niggaz Dead from all this pimping I'm riding spinners like a pimp That's why I'm livin' [Chorus] [Ludacris] Off substances that's controlled That's how this story goes I popped the cap, broke the ice And Lil' Flip done broke the mold I'm so cold I think I, see dead people Nah, that's just my homies passed out in the Regal Believe it, the potency is so strong, if you notice me I'm calm, cool, and collected and if you, disrespect it [Chorus] [Lil' Flip] We doing this for them players that bank screw music We don't pass out after 8 blunts, because we used to it Me and Cris like cheech & chong So hurry, break out the weed and the bong 'Cause if it ain't Grade A trees, we gotta leave it alone And to my homie screw, you know I gotta hold it down And if they want it then they gotta come and take the crown [Chorus] [Man talking] Hahahahahaha So there you have it Sending this one out to all my drinkers and all my smokers United and lighted we stand inebriated we fall And if you wanna pass the sobriety and breathalyzer test Hear's a quick Luda tip some packets of mustard in your car Keep mustard god damn it and whoever said the south can't rhyme [Chorus]

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