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Versuri Get Off Me

f/ Pastor troy [Ludacris & Pastor Troy] what (what), what (what), what (what), what (what) I (I ), I (I ), I (I ), I (I ) [Pastor Troy] OK, come on, what [Ludacris & Pastor Troy] what (what), what (what), what (what), what (what) oh (oh), oh (oh), oh (oh), oh (oohhhh) chorus: [Ludacris] get off me, but I'm on you all day get off me, I don't think you wanna play (repeat 2x) [Ludacris] you wanna rush me, you can't touch me, trust me 'cuz you weigh too dusty, and rusty, and busted [Pastor Troy] you betta' shop that make you pop up from lock up but you tell your folks to hold you're jack up to back up (to back up) [Ludacris] I'm ready, so sit down or go ta' your room [Pastor Troy] it ain't nothinnnnn' [Ludacris] a a watch out watch out, boom call me the hit man, 'cuz I make you wanna call time-out then I make your Mom cry-out, when I take your ho fine-out then watch me take ya', and fake ya', and shake ya', and break ya' and see you on holdddddd until you make her [Pastor Troy] you should give up now for talkin' shit like that but then you noting, you garbage you betta' watch ya' back chorus [Pastor Troy] (OK, OK now) it's the pastor, ? her, showin' my move [Ludacris] up in that 2000 excursion [Pastor Troy] ridein' on 22's I hear da' boom [Ludacris] but booms just get more crunk [Pastor Troy] it's the DSGB foreva' [Ludacris] we ridein' on pump [Pastor Troy] I stuck, or did I fake punk, I'm in dea (UN huh) I think I take a ??? or you can pretend to be homey [Ludacris] ??? as soon they get off me chorus (repeat 2x) Hip-hop muzica straina cuvinte mp3 Ludacris. Versuri Get Off Me piesa album cuvinte descarca versuri melodia.

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