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(Chorus) Repeat 2X I hate it when it's too many niggaz (Too many niggaz) Not enough hoes Too many rookies Not enough pros The game got switched on some Ludacris shit So all ya'll can suck my dick BITCH!! [Verse 1] I got a miracle Ludacris lyrical fool We dirty south shut yo mouth we rock tools No holds barred but obey the block rules Cock tools put chlorine in record pools Are there anyone like ya (HELL NAW!!) I treat hmans like students (FAIL YA'LL) So turn ya book to page 69 and start suckin When Organized drop the track then start duckin' When Ludacris get in the bed start fuckin Girl: You wanna be startin something Get out the booth and lemme tell you the truth We kick down doors Save all the H20 for front rows Live in the bank and watch for stank hoes Stay chromed out and that's on or off road If you know what I mean proceed to stay clean Light skinded nigga turn red but get green Inhale some of that dro but blow steam Love a combination big ass and tight jeans Chorus (Repeat 2X) [Verse 2] Girl: Man you done lost yo mind No I've lost my virginity And I shot quick Like that nigga shot Kennedy What's the remedy Hennessey Coke If you cut all your money you'd still be half broke Ashes to ashes smoke or get smoked We come by the masses you come and get smoked If you take me for a fool I'll take you for a joke Tired of fast food so they cooked up dope So now we eatin' lobster shrimp and things Watch for imposters that's been in the game We invented the game and ya'll just got here Dude: Man what's that smell PROBABLY YO UPPER LIP Cause I love to walk around like my shit don't stink Even if its cigars and that purple color dank Chillin in the gut with no trace of Tom Hanks So put this in yo jaw like weiners and beef franks Chorus (Repeat 2X) [Verse 3] I put too much sugar in my Kool-Aid And partied like a kid with a high top fade Arrive at the show and I like to get paid Arrive to a hoe and I like to get laid Ride up on my back like rugs and floormats I'm on the right page but what's my format I wave to the ocean cause I'm where shores at And women go nuts just like my bozack Did you know that? Man I'm the gift of change Electric stoves so give me the keys to the range Sagadelic, beautiful but strange Went to Magic City saw Nikki and Blue Flame Rearrange same broad different night Pass the E&J and let a nigga get right The bomb threat dude that's on the same flight The highlight's that I live a high ass life Chorus (Repeat 6X)

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