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(Hicks) Just like a top the world goes spinning round Nobody knows what's going on I've found Even from Jerusalem to old Japan Nobody seems to have a definite, definite plan Must be a peaceful way for us to go Even the simplest of man must know The situation's getting worse and worse One day the bubble's gonna burst But don't be frightened lady We will never let them take your boy to war No don't be frightened lady We will never ever go to war no more Why don't they finish it all We are only people and we're terribly small Why don't they finish it all Do they think that people don't mean nothing, nothing at all chorus Students are marching now in every land They won't be shifted just like grains of sand If we don't get together pretty soon We'll do the same thing on the moon

Hollies piesa cuvintele cantece. cantece muzica straina versuri cantece Frightened Lady melodia ultima melodie versuri.

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