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[Nate Dogg] Friends, how many of us have them Friends, how many of us have them Friends, how many of us have them Friends, how many of us have them [Snoop Doggy Dogg] Every since I could remember I had friends I could depend on Clothes to lend 'em But as time went by My life got a little strange And the rules of the game seem to change Trust, honesty and devotion And money, money, money is the poison potion There's no way that I can even say That this game has been good to me Or even bad to me it had to be Cause tragically the way this shit Cracked off for Doggy Dogg was magically And now I'm gettin' everything I'm supposed to get But my friendship with niggaz always ends up as bulshit I listen to my momma though She always tried to prepare me Byt how could she do what I I mean I'm do or die But my life on the streets That shit is suicide So to cope I got a dogg and a locc And keep my heat close in case these jokes go for broke I'm mashin' with the click 2-1-3 that is They my homeboys ever since kids- Real friends to the end Chorus [Nate Dogg]: Hangin' out with my homies and I'm feelin' just fine I've been ponderin' lately A lot of different things on my mind It seems lately my friends list Done took a slight decline And if you wanna know the trith man, man Them wasn't no friends of mine [Warren G] You jackin' me up, you takin' my cash All my life L-B-C, for my city I mash All those OGs and BGs and wannabies and L-O-Cs The only friends I got is my 2-1-3s That's my nigga Snoop D Woop and my nigga N-A-T-E I can't forget about my nigga H to the Deezy Pressure and strikes Don't wann take no lives But these jaws, cracks and hood cracks Will make you break bizacks Whussup homie, can I borrow some cash? Last week I agve you 500, so kiss my ass I got a baby to feed A familly to see through And shake busta snitches tweekin' like you Homies and friends that's what they for Stayin' tight and money right And bustin' with a 44. Chorus (x2)

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