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[Daz] I ain't got no time for no bitches I gotta clock my dough clownin' Hittin' switches in a green 6-4 With the drink in a on deck and the bombest indo A car full of gas and nowhere to go I gets a call on the phone - what's happenin'? Pimpin', chillin' with bitches drinking Silver Satin Is them bitches on deck, on deck to the fullest Gots that type of game and I'm know just to pull 'em Now as I stroll and as I pass by Maxin' with my doggs feelin' dandy and high Is that looney muthafucka that they call Kurupt Ballin' out the house with some Gin in his cup [Kurupt] Now I found myself blowin' out smoke Bombed out looney and locced Open up them doors let me see some of th hoez it's Kurupt and I'm liable to fuck three or four I'm hittin' hoes like I'm hittin' licks But I don't love that trick bitch 'Cause bitches gettin' niggaz dick sick I don't pay pay rent, my rent gets paid I pimp hoes like silky train On and on it goes I thought thete muthafuckas knew, but now you know Chorus: Puppy love, call it what you want, biatch Puppy love, call it what you want, biatch [Nate Dogg] 1975 I was just a young pup tryin' to learn to be a dogg But in the process steadily gettin' fucked I met this lil' sexie dame ya'll before I knew All the rules to the game It ain't no need to lie A lil' nigga like me got played, and if she left me I thought I'd die Ya'll don't ask, I don't the reason why Thought she was sent from the heavens above Ya'll it's just a bad taste of puppy love Chorus: Puppy Love Puppy Love Puppy love puppy love Sometimes I sit and think of how I used to be Before I got converted to a D-O-double G I'd like to thank that girl From way back in the days Cause if it weren't for you I wouldn't pimp this way Chorus

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