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Versuri Never Leave Me Alone

Chorus(Nate): Never Leave me alone (never leave me alone) Leave me alone (never leave me alone) never leave me alone (Never leave me aloooone) leave me alone (Never leave me alone) Never leave Me alone Verse 1 (Nate Dogg): They tell me that temptation.....ooh, is very hard to resist You tell me that you want me....I tried to hide my feelings, D-O-G's ain't supposed to feel like this You can call it what you want to....But I don't even know what it is You've got me singin' in the bring me breakfast in my bed and when it hurts you rub my head I'll ask you one time, won't you be there when it's hectic When I don't have a hit record (Never leave me alone) Chorus Verse 2 (Nate Dogg): I've traveled so many places....I've seen so many faces There were times I didn't think I'd make it through (alone) I went through so many phases....that got me so many cases Three strikes you're gonna' then what you gonna do I guess I'll call my lady....and tell her to kiss my baby They tell me that crime is all I know how to do Tell him his daddy's sorry....let him know all about me There's one more thing I'd really like for you to do Chorus Verse 3 (Snoop Dogg) Somebody was naughty when they snitched on me And the judge just sentenced me to do about a century I'm mobbin' through the county mainline back in 9500 just tryin' to handle mine Spittin' game at the homies about the good ol' days As we try to pass time waiting for the chain to Chino I see no reason to cry but I miss my baby boo And my nigga Spanky too It's true that the dirt I did from an O.G. to a snotty nose kid Got me caught up in the rapture like maze days gone by And real G's gon cry But I try to walk the yard with my head to the sky And hope my baby boo ain't fuckin niggas on the outside But what's the chance it ain't crackin If I was out and she was in I'd probably be mackin I can't lie So I say I would now my girl in a world of playahood A playa should show a nigga love and look our But the niggas I know would probably turn your ass out So keep away better yet stay away And hope I get out one day, OK But if I don't I guess this is home My girl is trippin she got a block on the phone (chorus)

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