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Versuri Footsteps Of The Heron

One day as I sat in a big noisy crowd, There was me and the whole of my conscience. And I thought that I wouldn't be missed if I went, and that my going would be of no importance. And I've nothing to do, And I've nowhere to go; I'm not in the slightest way upset. I'm not chasing a hope, or a dream or a plan; And I'm not even chasing the sunset. The pussycat laughed and he followed me down, As we walked through the crowds without motion; He said he would stay, but he ran clear away, I just laughed at his lack of devotion. I met this fink, tried to buy me a drink, And he says, I don't care 'bout no money. I said, Neither do I, but I'd buy you a guy, If I thought you were trying to get funny. This man I did meet, spoke to me through his feet, And he said, I don't care either 'bout no money. I said, Neither do I but I buy wings to fly, 'Cause without them the sun ain't so sunny.

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