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Versuri Dreams Of No Return

Dreams of no return Waking in the early dawn Dreams of no return Waking in the early dawn To whom I sourly yearned in my weakest spell But what I could not know you could not show me Old hotel the walls weep and the door leans The blackbird quits the eaves And the lonesome spider sings Saw my sweet and soothing prayer Was air Why should you care I never saw the tomb you they laid There was already too much shade What could it bring What if you know I need no hand of yours But still I feel you kiss While I have words to sing Perhaps you treasure nothing From before In the time I had no friends I held your picture like a tongueless bell When I really saw I was wrong I wrote this song to seem a fond farewell I've been in the north west world Looking out on an endless view When you were any reason why Was I really any use to you

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