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Money isn't everything As anyone who's rich It can buy pain and misery Or grief Though money isn't everything I have a pauper's itch So though I crave a brave Yes I'll take the chief! He bought me a cat Siamese, imagine that He keeps making Fancy passes at me All those fine and fancy passes Oh joy, now I've got Sixty feet of brand new yacht He keeps making Fancy passes at me All those fine and fancy passes He owns new york or spain But I don't know which He got fat in uptown manhattan Poor cinderella's got her a fella who's rich Every penny, he's worth a plenty He owns united airlines That as well? He owns receding hairlines Oh, well! He's not so hip Or smart as a whip But healthy, wise and wealthy He bought me a summer place Somewhere out in outer space He keeps making Fancy passes at me What a man you've got, diane Did he buy you a mink? Mmmm..passion pink And a cadi too? Mmmm, baby blue You're speaking of? My baby love! Your romeo? My daddy dough! I love him a lot How much has he got? He's got a plot of ground He found over oil Oh, my how chic we are He bought new jersey So he could call me his girl Oh, man, a feat we are! Chocolate excites my tummy Ooh He bought me a firm called yummy So He's one of those gents With good bizness cents And quarters, half's and dollars Ding, dong, ain't it swell They just delivered the liberty bell How sad all those philadelphians will be I'll get half of what he owns To keep up with mrs. l. b. jones And if he keeps making fancy passes I'll start holding evening classes I'll give him sugar and molasses And the life, I live I'll live luxuriously From those late and evening classes That sugar and molasses Those fine and fancy passes at me Oooweee My honey Yeah!

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