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It's sad to see we may never be the way we were before We don't believe in the magic of the music anymore And everything's older now and colder and grey Oh, darlin' I believe there's got to be a better way. It seems to me we've forgotten how to let our feelings show We seem to be so much farther from the dreams we used to know And too many more, my friend, are dying today Oh darlin' I believe there's got to be a better way. Listen to the fallen angels learning how to spread their wings. How will they make it all alone? Look into the children's laughter Tell me what tomorrow brings for those so far away from home. And I can say I'm not sorry for the things we tried to be But I'm afraid what we're heading toward is up to you and me 'Cause we got a choice; the future is ours you see We got a chance to change today Oh, darlin' don't you believe there's got to be a better way 'Cause we got a choice; the furture is ours you see. We got a chance to change it today. Oh I believe together there can be a better way Oh if we believe together we can build a better way.

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