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It took two minutes To piece these three lame riffs together It it's the same crap that's selling loads So it may just make my life a little better. - Punk! Punk! Punk! (Get out of my way!) I ain't a metal guy no more! Sitting in my room all day, thinkin' about you. I've got so many bills to pay, so hey, I've got some punk rockin' to do! - Punk! Punk! Punk! (Is A.O.K.) - We tried metal but it didn't work so Let us in on the punk rock dough! Give me some of that easy money! Give me some of that cash! Two chords later and a house is paid for Let me in on that punk rock cash! I used to be, a kid at university But that won't pay for the punk life that was meant for me There's money to be had So you know that I'll be wearing plaid This ain't going to be A punk rock monopoly! - Punk! Punk! Punk! (We've always been there) - Gonna shave off all my feathered hair!- Iron Maiden? Who the hell are they? I've always listened to D.O.A.!

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