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Versuri Dynamics

[Words and music by Devin Townsend] Winter hides the dead Just like summer ends too soon Springing forth the new knowing Autumn is the tomb And I'll wait for you 'Cause it's waiting for you Living hides the dead just like Suns and earth and moon Springing forth the new knowing Flowers need to bloom And I'll wait for you 'Cause it's waiting for you Unsure? Well, here's help with the wait The heavens move and the earth will quake And now god has failed and a metaphor There's only awe forever more Life is all dynamics Life is all... dynamics There's life in all dynamics Life is all dynamic Unsure? Well, here's help with the weight There's only god for heaven's sake There's only one key to unlock the door You must get the metaphor (God help our mother... love one another!)

Album versuri melodia piesa melodiei album. Ultima melodie cantece Devin Townsend cantece versurile versurile versuri Dynamics muzica straina cuvintele.

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