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Versuri Deep Peace

It's alright to cry It's alright to lean on everyone It's alright to lie in the bed you've made for everyone And anytime you need someone, Anytime you heed someone Anytime you need me babe, I will be there. It's alright to die It's alright to bleed on everyone It's alright this time It's all life, you learn from everyone With every single time you go ...And every single line you blow Anytime you need it man, I won't be there (inside the picture of the huge, sterile balck and white diner on a rainy Sunday afternoon in chinatown) It's all going away now ...All going away now Going, going...gone Going, going...gone It's alright to cry It's alright to feed on everyone It's alright to hide, In your cozy bed from everyone So anytime you need it man, Get inside and be it man... Anytime you call, Suffer!!!

Ultima melodie cantece Devin Townsend piesa versuri cuvintele. Melodiei versuri Deep Peace versurile descarca cuvintele cantece muzica straina.

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