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[Bigg Snoop Dogg] You'z a fool fo' dis, yeah My dogg Hi-Tek, representin' Cincinnati, Ohio! Eastside shit, y'all know how we get down 7 dizzles a wizzle, Bigg Bow Wiggle's, up in the hizzle Fo' shizzle bizzle, here we go again Freshly dressed, I jump up in the mo'nin' tryna find some Zest Psyche, we like the Bom, somebody betta ring the alarm And hit the folks at the forum Let my homies off the yard I shall see the head nigga in charge Push... Bush outta office, dump 'til they get off us Make them offers, that leave niggas in coffins Snoop Dogg Hip-hop muzica straina cantece album album. Eastside ridaz versuri muzica piesa mp3 melodiei versuri cuvintele muzica.

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