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Versuri In love with an thug

[Snoop Dogg] Yeah, this shit right here sound like a love song (she was in love) A gangsta love song, you feel me? Check it out (she was in love, with a THUG, in love!) (she was in love, with a THUG, in love!) Yeah, gangsta, uh-huh! Have you ever had a pretty, young saditty Black female with chips, from the city? Her momma got ends, and her daddy got ends And she liked to give me ends when I'm out with my friends Good girl - why do good girls like bad boys? (I don't know) When I was a kid, growin up, I never had toys And I think that she can figure that shit out (why?) Cause everytime she came to pick a nigga up Shit, she'd take a nigga out Roll around town, ask the pound, they know, look Baby was my thang, nah, she was my low-low Bought my first Rol-o, and then we took a photo together Man I hope this thang last forever We been together six months, and we ain't argued yet She lovin a nigga, steady buyin me shit And don't say shit when I dip with my click And understand, when I'm down and out may need some help with some chips Her mother approved of me, but her father he don't He probably won't, shit Pops ain't no punk Daddy's little girl be in a gangsta's world Buyin me houseshoes and khaki blues, California curls No matter what her father say, baby gon' see me It's like a jungle sometimes, that makes me Wonder like Stevie Believe me, when I say that baby was in love with a thug In love with a thug Chorus: repeat 2X (she was in love, with a THUG, in love!) Daddy I'm in love with a gangsta (she was in love, with a THUG, in love!) Momma I'm in love with a gangsta [Snoop Dogg] Mm.. I'm caught up in the middle and I don't know what to do I caught eight months in the joint, behind my crew That I gotta do and I'ma miss you Boo But I'ma write you every night and call you on the phone too Whatchu gon' do? "You know I'm gon' stay true But I'ma go ahead to college like my father want me to" Well um, off to my cell withcha body on my mind And I'ma call you back tomorrow round the same time I'm on the mainline, 9500 for short On another phoneline, holla'n at my other hoe This bitch ain't sayin SHIT, cause the bitch ain't SHIT Old fat golddiggin-ass county check receivin BEOTCH I bail up in the Day Room and get in a scrap Niggaz watchin Soul Train and I wouldn't turn it back (man fuck y'all) Never caught slippin, always on strap And now I'm back in the hole with no motherfuckin getback Sit back and contemplate, and think about baby And hope she don't get caught up in the world that's so crazy But while I'm up in Wayside, and she off in college She gettin a little mo' than a schoolgirl knowledge Cause gangsta-ass niggaz go to school nowadays I tried to make you wait, but I can't change yo' ways She fell in love with the local G And now they both in the penetentiary, she didn't mention me Chorus 2X

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