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Snoop Dogg] Hey yo Goldie Loc let me hear some dog (puff) We gotta go some for the hood that's on the real Yeah, this is a public service anouncement from the mathafuckin LBC Yeah, check this out cuzz, uhm, Hey yo Goldie Loc let's do this for the homies in the hood The dub, waddup No disrespect to them other hoods But this is where I'm from 3-2-1 I can't cum No other way No way, no how You know the bowwow do it Long Beach style To the fullest young nigga row With my steal I cap home feeling like a O No he didn't, yes he did Bank your chin in her crib This ain't no fed But now he did On the other side where the cowboys at Where the brown blast black And the black blast right back That's a fact in the city where I'm from You betta get ready Caus here they kitty come cum Nigga we can dumb on your bitchass I ain't trippin caus I'm from the oldschool And I never hesita to blast See, we be innin You gotta beginnin to win Holla back nigga in 20 minutes [Goldie Loc] Gimme your mic and watch me brake these niggas How they figga Bustas get shot tryin to plot Blew the dice hit them twice hit a seven Now Snoop watch me trip when I back your eleven Mix for licks to double my chips Some bangers so much I got cheers even go to there Now back up and watch me stack up my dirt I steal like G'z when you woke up and it hurt Watch me try matches no need for no practice Fuck around and get straight stoned with the package Dogg get the weed bangin How the homies feel If me and you left here for hangin I feel like givin it up Caus I'm a young nigga livin it up Me and Snoop ain't give a fuck 20 minutes to get your C-walk on You know I get my ride on all on his own Check this out dog, you don't know me shit You know I respresent the eastside Long Beach with the crip nigga [Snoop] Two's, O's, fo's and hoes Nigga only fuckin with the real 2-0's 20 minutes, 20 minutes Holla at me, 20 minutes Deuce, fo's, hoes and clothes Nigga only fuckin with the real 2-0's 20 minutes, 20 minutes Holla at me, 20 minutes [Goldie Loc] We ride Sliding of to the eastside Hoo-ride, to homicide Rollin in the G-ride So what yall bustas gon'do When the pimps, bangers and hustlaz smash on you One for the money And too for the sjizzo I'm lil Goldie Loc that gives a fuck about a hizzo Three to the fizzo And five to the sizacks My nigga snoop dogg gives a fuck about a bi-zitch Yeah you hearded from me, mmm, Authograve that ass Nigga, L-A-L-G Little Goldie Loc Goldie locks the same thang Smashing for the hood caus I wanted to gangbang Will I change Hell nah nigga Quick to jack that ass to make my bank roll bigga [Snoop Dogg] Trip I shot em down I shot em , shot em down And if the too damn big Then I cut em , cut em down Nigga where the pound Hell yeah I'm from the pound Nigga how that sound Dogg pound bounce I got homies from the dub that bang everyday I got homies from the hood that do the same all day I keep my feet real close to the street And keep my hands real close to the heat I'm not descreet when it comes to the dogg I'm a real O like eight-ball We C now us by the gangbangin Crackslangin, entertain us Sippin silver set not to contain us Askin which one of yall niggas wanna scrap We can do it G-style Mathafucker strap Just like I tought nigga You got caught Ol'bitchass nigga droppin all that soul You see, first thangs first when your a grown man You gotta get up, get out and get your own man See, I don't owe you and you don't owe me It's 1999 I'm the OG Respect your G'z is what my homies told me So I show real love to the dubs 20 minutes, 20 minutes cuzz yeah, nigga 20 minutes cuzz And like I said Deuce, fo's, hoes and shows Nigga only fuckin with the real 2-0's Yeah 20 minutes Holla at me nigga like I said Two's, fo's, hoes and shows Nigga only fuckin with the real 2-0's 20 minutes, 20 minutes Holla at me cuzz 20 minutes Roll, roll, roll your dubs Eastside I-T-C Roll your doggin doggy dogg Nigga this D-P-G

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