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Guarding the carcass, we stripped and devided To carve up and covet they wait there alone Keeping the secret the rest have forgotten And staring in silence from sockets of stone Built and obeyed with the best of intentions Stranger than truth and as lost and alone Stranded like dogs in a star-spangled manger No good to nothing not even their own Chorus: Holy-O-my God-I can't see the stars in the sky for the sun in my eye She's like a dream that a world quit believin' Caught in the action back to the sea How many more might have come from that mountain? Barely the creatures they struggled to be Surely the death of so grand an illusion Left us with legends too great to ignore Stone-cut survivors of ancient dimensions Lost in the wonder they came to explore. Chorus: Holy star light far brighter than the sun in your eye Singing thy will be done Repeat chorus: Holy star light far brighter than the sun in your eye Singing thy will be done

Versurile muzica straina melodiei cuvintele Kris Kristofferson versuri ultima melodie. Versurile versuri cuvinte cuvintele piesa ultima melodie Easter Island muzica.

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