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Versuri Dump Dump Dump

I need a shot and a beer You wanna buy me some You know I had to hit the bar today Since I met the new woman - that's right I need another like a hole in the head I need a place to go 'Cause I'll be burnin' 'til I spin out bad I just don't give a f*ck, don't give a f*ck anymore It's all dump Dump Dump Dump It's all dump Why'm I drivin' at 110, down her highway home You know I'd turn these wheels around just to be alone There ain't no meat in the graveyard There's only bad dresses and bones You know there ain't nothing in hot-blooded girl If you can't smile when you take it on home Have I landed in Hell I don't what I'm sayin' When you're full of your own dump People walk away It's all dump Dump Nothin's gonna get me outta bed today Nothin' but dump It's all dump

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