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Power score, kick the dirt, Sick of being good. Twice removed, love can kill, Crack up in the sun. On again, off again, I am on my side. Idiot philosophy, That is really, that is really Dumb dumb dumb dumb Dumb dumb dumb dumb This record's over finally. Much too good for me. Guitar murder, be a hero. Jump in front of a gun Get the ice, bad appetite. Love to have the blues. Your true love is fuckin' around And oh we did have oh we had such Fun fun fun fun Fun fun fun fun. Dumb dumb dumb dumb Dumb dumb dumb dumb Dumb dumb dumb dumb Dumb, dumb. How do I get a foot in your door ? How do you turn this on ? Had a heart by accident. Did you have it all along ? Slave to the single chief executive Officer of the song. Hate your job, love your stuff. If you think that's living you are Wrong wrong wrong wrong Wrong wrong wrong wrong.

Dumb Fun Juliana Hatfield ultima melodie cuvinte. Mp3 album versuri muzica straina versuri cantece album descarca mp3 mp3.

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