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Wake up naked Stretch like a panther Throw off the covers Run to the mirror, my lover Admire this face It could help to save the world This body must be seen to be believed My back and torso like a man ray photo This is a scene We are improvising me. You are the camera You try to seduce me You are the camera You love me I make love to you You are the camera. I practice different smiles I rehearse different lines Like the perfect comeback or an eloquent speech Let's take a walk on the street on the stage Don't say anything Just follow me Don't leave Save me for posterity What do I want to be seen buying? I write in my diary Only what I want you to read. You are the camera A reason for living You are the camera I need you to need me ( I need you to justify my life ) You are the camera. We sit down on the couch On the left or on the right? What is my good side? Come in for a close-up Fresh breath, perfect makeup Are we gonna kiss on the mouth like I read about? I look right at you and see myself and I'm in love. You are the camera A reason for living You are the camera In the presence of greatness You are the camera I disappear what you're not here You are the camera.

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