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What's that over there moving on the wall A second glance and it's not there at all What's that sitting there on the page of my book It hides behind the words when I try to take a closer look I can't reach out and grab it but that's ok with me What's that jumping up and down in the middle of the street It lingers then it melts into the wavy liquid heat What are all those dizzy circles in the corner of my eye They laugh and float away as I look into the sky Can't get my arms around it but that doesn't bother me 'Cos all I have to do is dream I see you every place I go I see you in people I don't even know I close my eyes and I see you I open 'em wide and I see you I see you Who am I to close my mind from what it wants to see And who are you to tell the truth and kill my fantasy Why are all those people always saying things about me I'm not a loser, I'm just lonely Yeah I wanna lay down next to you But I'm not one to complain Yeah I wanna touch you too Do me a favor and appease my aching eyes Won't you please materialize Play another of your tricks with my sight Be here in the flesh tonight What's that pretty little thing crawling up my wrist Call me crazy, call me a masochist But I'd rather have you in my mind than completely out of sight So I'll just go on dreaming for the rest of my life I see you every night and day I see you in a million different ways I close my eyes and I see you I open 'em wide and I see you Yeah, I see you

Album cantece muzica straina melodiei album muzica descarca versuri. Versuri Juliana Hatfield cuvinte piesa muzica I See You.

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