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Versuri Down In Front

I spend so much time tryin' To learn all your languages I got nothin' to say It's all cheap talk in kind And a matter of time Some fool gets his way Down on his knees he says I got this feelin' That you're not that kind of girl And no one knows better as he takes off your sweater Just what he means when he's promised you the world CHORUS: Down in front That's all they want Just two square inches He's a snake in britches Shakin' your head as you lie with the enemy So much louder than words All that you felt one more notch in his belt Well have you heard You got no heart for these bullets he's loaded with They just lite up the sky And who needs a hero when it's zero to zero I don't know baby it's just an alibi CHORUS You could be any one Who can't be both-ered with names Turn off the lites turn the latch it's just more of the same CHORUS

Asculta versuri album muzica. Versurile versurile John Hiatt Down In Front cuvinte ultima melodie cuvinte versuri cuvinte muzica straina cuvinte descarca.

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