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Versuri Dogg Pound Gangstaville

[Snoop Doggy Dogg] All I know and all I do is D-P-G with the rest of my crew We thru with Milken Milli Vanilli Silly Niggaz who be rappin but they really be actin' I'm smackin' niggaz in they face For the 9-8 My DJ Warren G and my homeboy Nate The game won't wait So we paper chase And watch out for them suckas who paper-hate Try to drop some shit to keep you straight Keep my niggaz on a mission But my success, oh yes it's fresh Here's a toast to my LB for life You can call me when you wanna Or can catch me in the Navigator bendin' in the corner I representin', just like Billy Clinton I smack a bitch for my chips and dip For Dogg Pound Gangsta Click Chorus (x2): Don't you wanna come with me to Dogg Pound Gangstaville We can give you what you need in Dogg Pound Gangstaville [Nate Dogg] Once upon a time in the land of the foolish man There lived a man who claimed to be foldin' aces in hand He played wrong once and played 'em twice And played 'em wrong again Now it's my turn to play the game And I guarantee I win Very best I have to be and I hope you understand I got my game from Gangstaville Eastside of Gangsta Land Chorus [Kurupt] Well you can give me half your loot, nigga Or else I'ma shoot, nigga I do what Gz do- I ride I slide, I drips double 4's fool Where's the clips You'll find I hit your spine And shake your hips with hollow tips It's the modern day me With the state of art modern day heat Mutherfuckin' modern day G No good for for sho good Put this nigga on the hood And let me put him back the fuck off Like that, you fuckin' with the Kobe Bryant of rap With a Mack 11 cocked back ready for sure, ready for war For real enter if you will In the land we call Dogg Pound Gangstaville All we do is smoke and just so you know My motto is fuck you bitch and fuck a hoe Chorus (x3)

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