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Versuri Do You Wanna Die

You wanna join the army Visit beautiful countries Meet interesting....and kill them! You wanna march on with your boots in the rain forests of Brazil See some endangered species....and kill them! [Chorus] Do you wanna die? Do you wanna die? Do you really wanna die? Then join the army, fight a war, drop the bomb and don't ask why! You wanna join the army to fight the aliens from out of space Meet the kids from planet Mars....and kill them! The country needs you to fight a war or to keep peace Send you to the Russians....and kill them! You got a gun but you got no brain Trained to kill and not to complain Send you to the Chinese....and kill you!

Melodia piesa Do You Wanna Die versuri versuri melodia ultima melodie. Cuvintele muzica descarca descarca Heideroosjes muzica straina.

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