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I see your perfect body and your face You think you're the perfect human race But you are nothing than a fool who is just acting cool You plastic-surgery-face! Beautiful is what you wanna be But that's not what you look like to me You're pretty on the outside but ugly on the inside A worse copy of Bruce Lee Sun, Sex and Sea Beach of fake, the place to be Your muscles, they make you a man But you can't even count up to ten On the beach you can show what i already know I call you anabolic-steroid-man Parade on the beach in the sun Show your tits to those who have none You may think you're hot but i think you're not Stupid Pamela Anderson Sun, Sex and Sea Beach of fake, the place to be If titty's what people call pretty Many people must feel shitty No one is perfect that's the defect Feel pretty the way you are The billboards in the streets tell me The way i have to be That's not the truth and that's the clue It's not real you see

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