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Versuri B 4 U Wake Die!

It's no lie, I say it right in your face The time has come no place for disgrace I'm sick of all the lies that you tell So take a deep breath and wake up in hell Before U wake...die! [4x] Money and power is all you care about You don't wanna hear the people that shout Crying and dying and have no food to eat You commit the crime but they have to bleed Before U wake...die! [4x] The day will come I'm sure it will be That power is death and they will be free Peace, love and unity is the best dream But until that day the people will scream Before U wake...die! [4x] mp3 melodia muzica B 4 U Wake Die!. Album mp3 cuvintele versuri muzica straina Heideroosjes versuri descarca.

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