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(Bruce Johnston) Clearing skies and drying eyes now I see your smile. Darkness goes and softness shows a changing style. Just in time, words that rhyme, well bless your soul. Now I'll fill your hands with kisses and a Tootsie Roll. Reality, it's not for me and it makes me laugh. But fantasy world and Disney Girls, I'm comin' back. Patti Page and summer days on old Cape Cod. Happy times and making wine in my garage. Country shade and lemonade, guess I'm slowin' down. It's a turn-back world with a local girl in a smaller town. Open cars, and clearer stars that's what I lack. But fantasy world and Disney Girls, I'm comin' back. Mom! Hi, Rick and Dave! Hi, Pop! Well Good Mornin', Mom! Love, get up! Guess what? I'm in love with a girl I found. She's really swell 'cause she likes church bingo chances and old time dances. All my life I spent the nights with dreams of you. The warmth I missed for the things I wished are comin' true. I got my love to give and a place to live, guess I'm gonna stay. It'd be a peaceful life with a forever wife and a kid some day. It's early nights and pillow fights and your soft laugh. But fantasy world and Disney Girls, I'm comin' back.

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