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Versuri Old man

(Randy Newman) Everyone has gone away, Can you hear me? Can you hear me? No one cared enough to stay, Can you hear me? You must remember me, Old Man, I know that you can if you try, So just open up your eyes, Old Man, Look who's come to say, "Good-bye." The sun has left the sky, Old Man, The birds have flown away, And no one came to cry Old Man, Good-bye, Old Man, good-bye. You want to stay, I know you do, But it ain't no use to try, 'Cause I'll be here, and I'm just like you. Good-bye, Old Man, good-bye. Won't be no God to comfort you, You taught me not to believe that lie. You don't need anybody, Nobody needs you, Don't cry, Old Man, don't cry. Everybody dies.

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